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BG Residential Painting Hints & Tips

What does your home say about you?

Did you know that your favourite colour reflects your personality? When choosing a new colour for your home, both inside and outside, consider how your choice of colour will make you feel in the space.

We spend our entire lives within spaces – our home, an office, shops, restaurants, etc. Each space has the ability to change our mood and colour our experience. So take a moment to consider what colour you will choose to adorn your space.

Colour schemes made easy

There are three main ways of combining colours for decorating. These involve arranging colours into Monochromatic, Harmonious and Complimentary colour schemes.

Monochromatic schemes are based on tints of the one colour that create contrast. They are very popular as they are easy to use and create a simple background in areas such as furniture or outside views.

Harmonious schemes use similar or adjacent colours, for example green and turquoise or red and orange.

Complimentary schemes are based on colours that are the opposite, for example blue and orange.

You might consider colour schemes such as:

•  Summery •  Organic •  Natural •  Elegant •  Tranquil
•  Sophisticated •  Metro •  Energetic •  Fresh •  Robust
•  Brilliant •  Radiant •  Sincere •  Youthful •  Dramatic.

Highlight architectural features

Make architectural features the centre of attention within your home by using contrasting colours. Add a splash of contrasting colour to picture rails, skirting boards or even ornate cornices and arches.

Add warmth without turning up the heat

To create a more cozy atmosphere in a room apply colours that are warmer. For rooms that feel cramped and small, introduce lighter colours and tones to the overall scheme.

Hide flaws behind a coat of paint

Painting combined with thorough preparation can often be the easiest most inexpensive way to fix a flaw in a room. By painting a feature wall a darker shade of the same colour, your eye will be drawn away from any problem area. Matt finishes, rather than satin or gloss, are best to take your eye away from damaged walls as they don't highlight the imperfections.

Colour chip isolators

Place a Neutral colour over the colour of your choice to allow you to view your colour without being effected by the surrounding colours. Whites and neutrals are perfect backdrops to any setting, both interior and exterior, contemporary and traditional.